Gmail Recovery Password through Phone, SMS – Easy Steps Process

Gmail Recovery Password Through Phone: The most worst thing that the World is facing today, the  internet users next to a virus strike or a hard disk crash? All those who have faced such circumstances will speak about losing of their passwords and will agree that this is one of the most threatened situations of their lives. If the lost password is of their Gmail Account, then they have to face a lot of problems than any other situation.

Better call it laziness, but many of us don’t pay attention to the password security question that is one of the unique characteristic of the Gmail Accounts. Or someone may even forget their with in few days. Gmail Account password is one of the most important and mandatory in order to maintain your files and data safely. In this modernistic era privacy should be maintained by every one or else your company files will be revealed and it may harm your business.

Gmail Recovery Password Via SMS

All people should express their gratitude towards all email services, which provide recovery of Password option, all email services and other services which are registration based have a password recovery system. Each of the Online service has its unique features.

Some of the recovery options are damn easy in that they will just ask your ID and then they send you a password reset link.

Some of the online services like Yahoo, Password recovery involves many stages and verify against the primary information entered during the account set-up.

In favor of the Yahoo Email holders am here providing simple process :

You need to enter the below mentioned information appropriately in the first page :

  • Date Of Birth
  • Country Of Residence
  • Postal Code

Then hit on the next button and follow the instructions correctly in order to recover your Password.

Easy Steps To Recover Your Lost Gmail Password through Phone

Google is one of the tremendous app which offers many services through its roots. The most terrifying thing about the  Google and its service branches is that it’s ‘serviced’ by a single password. It is one of the typical thing to secure whole information with a single password. As a frequent typical user, I use the same log-in for Blogger, Adsense, Google. and of course Gmail. And losing of such one password can ruin my business kingdom and am sure am well satisfied with my password.

Recently Google has offered thunder storming opportunity to recover your lost Gmail account password via online/through Message.

Please read this article thoroughly to crystal clear all your doubts :

Gmail Account Password Recovery

  1. As a first step, you need to log on to your Google Accounts. Under Personal Settings – Security: Click on Change password recovery options.
  2. Then Google Account  verifies your email again and then you are directed to Account Recovery Options page.
  3. In order to set the new feature of text messaged code, all you need to do is to choose the  country which is displayed on bottom and then enter your registered Mobile Number.
  4. Be sure that  you have not changed the registered number  because it’s this number that will receive the password change code.
  5. Be sure all the 3 Password recovery options are completed, then hit on update your account button.

Step and Its Working :

If you have forget your  your password? Then hit on  the Can’t access your account link just below the log-in box.

The Gmail Help page will shows you the six possible scenarios. Then Choose I forgot my password.

Please go through the mentioned screenshot to get all details easily.

recovery gmail

By selecting the appropriate link you will be redirected to the Password Recovery Page.  It takes you through a CAPTCHA and at last to the Reset Password page.

The Reset Password Page displays you all the three ways in which you can recover your password.

Using the secondary email address.

Using the SMS recovery code.

Or using the security question.

How to recovery gmail password

Then select any one of the above mentioned option.

If you have received the Recovery Code, then enter the code in the provided appropriate place.

Congrats, by simply following the above mentioned steps you have successfully completed your Password Recovery. Now you are able to access your Gmail Account.

I hope this article helps you to reset your password and if you have any doubts or queries related to this article please feel free to post a comment below.

Gmail Password Recovery 



Updated: November 28, 2016 — 6:30 am

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