How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently Or Google Account

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently: Gmail is one of the most popular and well used email service and many of us have Personal Gmail Accounts. There could be assorted reasons for which you want to know How to Delete Gmail Account. One wishes to delete Google Gmail Account permanently on behalf of deleting your account you can also quit form the Gmail Account for a short while. Gmail Account deleting is packed up with loosing of all the data which is associated with the Account and one has to be undaunted to take this decision.  So, when you elect to that you don’t want your Google email address any more in future, you can delete it from the associated Google account.

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently in Android Phone

If once you have erased your Gmail Account permanently then you can never back up or recover your Gmail Account with the the same user name in the future. One important thing to be pondered, if once you delete your Gmail Account , all the email data and saved attachments will automatically be deleted and those are unrecoverable.  But the data associated with other Google product will remain as usual. So, be sure that you are satisfied with the delete of Gmail Account and don’t make hasty decisions.

Erasing  entire Google account means all the products (like Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube etc.) associated with a Google account will be erased. The deleted data associated with any Google account can not be recovered or can not do back up. All the Gmail uses need to know about the uses and misuses of deleting Gmail Account permanently. So, before deleting the Gmail Account you should know what happens next.


Once, you erase the Gmail Account, vigor the below mentioned issues:

  • Once you have deleted your Google Account, then you are unable to sign in to your Gmail service any more with your previous details.
  • You won’t get the same  Gmail user name in future.
  • You are unable to  to use the email data and photos, file attachments associate with your Gmail account.
  • You are able to access your YouTube channels and subscriptions.
  • You are also able to make use of the  content you purchased using Google Play service.
  • The Information which is saved on chrome can be accessed.

Once you have deleted your Gmail Account Permanently the above mentioned are uses and disuses. Along with the above mentioned points if you are an Android user, you lose all the contents you purchased from Google play store. You loose all the Google contacts and Google drive data as well.

If you are a Chromebook user and you Delete Google account, you can’t use any chrome apps and extensions further.

So, much before you make a decision that How to Delete Gmail Account you need to think twice.

Am also providing you all the steps related to “How to Delete Google Account”.

Instructions To Delete Gmail Account 

Follow the below provided steps correctly in order to Delete your Gmail Account Permanently.

Step- 1: As a first step, you need to sign-in to your gmail address by using your very own user name and passwords. You can also Sign in into your Gmail Account by clicking sign in Button

Step- 2: The Sign in Window is showed up like the below provided screenshot.

After these completion of Log in process to your Gmail Account, then navigate up to top right section of your window and you will be showed up with your email address there. Then just hit on the link. In the next pop-up window click on blue “My Account” button. It will open a box which you can see below.

How to Delete Gmail Account

Step- 3: Click on ” Delete Your Account or Services” Button. You will another web page which Shows “Delete Google Account and Data”.Sdelete Google Account

Step- 4: Finally, it will ask you Gmail Password for Last Confirmation. If you enter it, the Gmail Account Deleted Permanently.



Updated: November 21, 2016 — 5:04 am

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